Note to Italo Calvino – Cities and people 


And so too it may happen that in any city you find yourself, you will find two cities meeting within – the one that you know and come from, and another one unknown that you might get to know and call home in the future.  And even though 

you do not know which is which, here, for a moment, you can dwell, get lost, lose track of time and enjoy the coincidence of the two paths these cities have taken. 
That city, a palimpsest of sentiments and sediments of former and future dreams, ideas and cultures, may be the start or the end of another, but it is always containing two that are on their way, not knowing what may come upon their paths and what directions and forms they might take, but carrying within them the space they have created for themselves and for the other.


/ For Begüm, april 2010